Mesha India

has an ocean of opportunities

for Volunteers from around the world

to come and serve

in our Women and Child Development projects.

Whatever the talents of a person,

we have varied volunteer opportunities

at Mesha India. 

Volunteering opportunities in 



Art and Handicrafts, 

Music, Dance, Instruments,

Games, Story telling,

First Aid, Counseling,

Medical Mission,

basically anything that one person

can impart to add value

to the lives of the less fortunate. 


Whatever we are doing on the field

is possible only by the partnership

of the like minded souls

who cheerfully and sacrificially

contribute towards the projects

that change the world for the people

we serve.


We need more of partners

to do better work 

and to develop the life standards

of as many people as possible. 


Mesha India requests all our

partners, friends and

browsers of this site

to mobilize more people

to get involved in our projects. 

We also encourage you

to donate and mobilize clothes,

educational materials,

health and hygiene items,


and volunteers

who can buy food supplies etc to strengthen our hands

to meet the

overwhelming needs of the people

we work with.