'Mesha' in Hebrew means  "freedom".

Mesha India is a Non-Profit Organization ,

engaged in the holistic development of the Women and the Children amongst the downtrodden segments of the community.


Mesha India is

Creating Oppotunities for the poor women, who are

confined within their homes in the male dominated society, abandoned by their husbands or family, to learn Life Sustaining Skills which would

earn them self-respect as well as self-sustenance.

Educating Children who do not have opportunities

to go to School, those who could not make it to School

at the right age and for those who have a desire to study

but, could not afford.

Providing Home for the girls 

who were orphans or abandoned by the parent / parents,

and were vulnerable to trafficking, child labor and domestic violence. 



Holistic Development of

the women and children in the downtrodden communities.



Our Mission is to develop permanent

physical and spiritual solutions

to address the

hopelessness, hunger, social injustice and insecurity

in the poorest communities,

together with like-minded partners.


OUR CORE VALUES : Word of God , Integrity , Reliability , Accountability , Respect , Commitment , Stewardship